DJ KHALED, AKON & TI "We Takin' Over"

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We The Best is the follow-up to Listennn...The Album which spawned "Holla At Me," "Grammy Family" and "Born N' Raised." The new album includes the smash "We Takin' Over" with Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman, and Lil' Wayne, and also features a who's-who of hip hop including The Game, Bone Thugs, Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, Trick Daddy, T-Pain, and countless others. This is the must-get album of the summer, available everywhere June 12, 2007 from Koch Records.
Since the early 1990's, the Miami scene has steadily grown into a personal playground for the entire entertainment industry. Events like How Can I Be Down, The Mix Power Summit, and the MTV Music Awards have attracted thousands of stars to the illusion of the Magic City nightlife. But once all the smoke clears, we get to finally focus on the true essence of Miami, which means attending the annual Fall Classic that is DJ Khaled's Birthday Bash. The "mark your calendar event" started off as a simple get together for South Florida's hottest DJ has since grown into a Dade County ritual, and that's all due to one man, two turntables, and a squad of terror. Born Khaled Khaled (he's so nice his mom named him twice), 30, in New Orleans to Arabic parents, Khaled was the second of three children. At age fourteen his love for music and influence from his parents led him down a path that would birth one of the greatest Deejays Miami has ever seen. Fans quickly took notice of DJ Khaled's powerful style and energetic personality as he began throwing parties while a deejay on college radio. "God gave me a gift, so it's only right that I lead the way with this new style." Great energy and an undeniable voice have helped Khaled land radio gigs with Mixx 96 and 99 Jamz, but for Khaled that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Success happens when preparation meets opportunity, which is why Mixx 96 quickly became Miami's premiere underground radio station with Khaled as the deejay.
For two years, DJ Khaled bigged up, dropped bombs, and rewound enough tracks to be crowned the official voice of South Florida. Never one to just sit comfortably on the throne, Khaled decided to "takeover" mainstream radio as the deejay for one of Miami's most notable radio stations, 99 Jamz. Paired up with K-Foxx, DJ Khaled currently has the #1 rated radio show in South Florida, adding another notch to his belt.
Over a decade on the radio has inspired Khaled to develop his own sound of music as he prepares to release his debut album. "Hip-Hop is everything and everywhere, so I have to be everything and everywhere." Khaled's album filled with new energy and different ideas is exactly what the game needs right now. The LP, We The Best, will feature artists such as Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Game, and Juelz Santana, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, T.I., and Akon just to name a few. The album will also include "crazy" production from the infamous DJ Khaled, and if it's anything like his birthday bash, it's sure to be a "mark your calendar event."
Although many Khaled fans may think that this is his first crack at production, it is not. The versatile deejay has produced tracks for artist like Trick Daddy, Pitbull, Young Jeezy, and his Terror Squad brother Fat Joe. As part of the Terror Squad family, Khaled has built a foundation strong enough to hold his own weight!
Features: Akon T.I. Rick Ross Fat Joe Birdman Lil' Wayne Game, Bone Thugs Juelz Santana Young Jeezy Trick Daddy T-Pain terror squad
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    Old school rappers 💕

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    I was here in 3022.🇿🇲

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    *T.I.'s verse is best*

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    Danja and C&D were fuckin deadly in this era when it came to MIAs sound. Geeeeez

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    This is what happens when everyone in the group project tries

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    I need brain a need a leech

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    Birdmans verse was as useless as the G in lasaGna

  10. sammy peter
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    T.I opening this track was the best thing

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    The Remix Version with Lil Kim Young Jezzy and R Kelly is way better than this Original version.

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    T.I. and Weezy were running shit

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    “Feed me rappers or feed me beats” 😶😶😶

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    DJ khaled... We the best.... The runners...

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    Dj khalid on the walk..I repeat on the walk!!

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    This went hard af back in the day. Prime Akon kills the hook & everyone else lays out a heat verse over a fire beat. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️🔥

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    Good Work G @ #GilGreen

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    ok i'm old now 2021 i'm here again

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    Shout out to my NIGGUH TIP !!

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    Overview Lyrics Listen Artists People also search for Lyrics Oh, oh DJ Khaled! Konvict Music We the best, yeah We takin' over Listennn! Ay, ay Started in Atlanta, then I spread out wit' it South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi On to North Carolina, Phildelphia and Virginia From down in Miami where it warm in the winter On up to Minnesota where it storm in the winter Jackson then Tallahassee, Memphis, Tenn. holla at me Me in H-Town, Southside, Cloverland daddy I'm the man out in Dallas, better ask Khaled Kept me out in Cali with my eyes open barely Blowin' and spinnin', goin' down Bennett Drop six-fo', three-wheel then switch it Red light stop, make it drop for the bitches Got a glock fo'-fifth, blow your head off wit' it Anything you hear that I said, I meant it King got the crown then sped off it wit' it Say you need bricks, I said I get it If you want to, we can supply you Got enough work, to feed the whole town They won't shoot you, unless you try to Come around and try to stomp on our ground 'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Triple C, Black Flag We rich, yeah Listen! Boss, it's what I does I get money everyday, everyday I does That Benz, is how I ride Black flag on the left, two hoes and ride You better, move! Ak all day Get shot up like Shyne, that's on my niece I'm +B.I.G.+ like Diddy Damn it, I'm wit' it Khaled we did it, Biggie of my city Please no fitted, fuck it, I'm too pretty The red can get rained, stupid, I'm silly Money that come, runnin' like water Mami so hot, damn it, she gorgeous Miami on fire, you better be, cautious Might get shot on the porch of your fortress Now they see that you know I'm from Port City I run in 'cause Rick Ross is boss shit 'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Cribs Mania Khaled! BX, TS nigga Listen! Blat, when you see Crack, better duck Like the mac gotta ease past, nigga what Shit, I don't give fuck, I run these streets Y'all talk that shit, I want that beef I'ma tell you like a g told me They'll come back quick if a nigga O.D Cash Rule Everything Around Me I'm YSL, Versace You could see me in that Porsche GT Comin' down Sunset, sittin' on D's Feelin' like 'Pac, All Eyez On Me Fresh bandana and I'm blowin' mad trees Nigga please, I spit crack every verse a ki Some say Khaled, some say Khaleed Twelve years down and I'm finally free, crack! If you want to, we can supply you Got enough work, to feed the whole town They won't shoot you, unless you try to Come around and try to stomp on our ground 'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Listen! Birdman daddy, I'm number one Nigga came at me wrong so we got him done Fuckin' with the fam', I'ma give him some Spent that co'ner, he didn't run Sunday had a whole church singin' a song "Why'd they have to send my baby home?" Fuckin' with some nigga, that paper long Been a g in the game now my son on the throne I am the beast Feed me rappers or feed me beats I am untamed, I need a leash I am insane, I need a shrink I love brain, I need a leech Why complain on easy streets? I don't even talk, I let the Visa speak And I like my Sprite Easter pink And my wrist special par but the mule is cooler I have more jewels than your jeweler Touch and I will bust, your medulla That's a bullethole, it is not a tumor Red like red light, stop your rumors I stay on track like a box of Pumas Now just r-r-rock with Junior I am the little big Kahuna, y'dig? 'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time

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    when tv WAS yt. the og.

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    Who’s still listening in 2021?

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    Nigga bey brag notion edit

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    1:23 Is that Pitbull's doppelganger?

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    This aged well. Kinda appreciate it more. Legendary shit. They all did their thang.

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    4:00-4:02 True Khaled on the run

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    Back when everybody had Rick ross on their hits

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    13year is not have one million

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    Greatest 2k song idc

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    how many People are coming back everyday?🎼🎧✌🏽

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      I am

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    🇨🇳 China be like ☝️

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    T.I was literally BARS in this entire song!!

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    I can picture eminem killin this

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    Akon carried so many songs. Legend

  37. BeardAxeMcAxeBeard
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    Akons the best

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    2021...corona times

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    Everybody talking bout Wayne but ti and fat Joe hook hard icc

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    Man old is gold now its 2021 with carona viurs 😂😂👌

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    Who's the hot chick in yellow bikini

  42. Mado
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    The woman at 3:44 gorgeous af i wonder what she look like now. This was back when music was hip and lyrics made sense and songs had meaning to it i feel like a kid again hearing this

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    Demonic Low Frequency BS GARBAGE Sh!t Music.

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    Ross was on this after Hustlin and the rest is history as you know. Upcoming, Peak and Legend Artists thru out the song 👌🏼 edit: except Birdman

  45. Whatsreallygood Smith
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    Birdmans verse and send off to Wayne was his best work honestly. I can actually say Birdman delivered well

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      @Hudsanity what u said! 👍🏿

    2. Hudsanity
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      I agree, it was honestly perfect

    3. AKU
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      Nigga came at me wrong so we got em done

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    1960 Devon 1981 billionaire Wcw billionaire weed. Other pp. USA Klwo pp buy billionaire case million billion miss tree

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    2006-2012 was fucking legendary

  49. Munir Makaveli
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    T.i verse made the song

  50. Bob Saget
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    Capitol Rioters singing along "We Takin Over"

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    Legendary music 😎

    22 gün əvvəl

    Kind of copied the Hypnotize video

  53. Lespatriotes
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    Watching this video made me realize that the majority of rap videos these days contain a guy in a room with money & guns

  54. DarkGoldenSkull
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    DJ Khalid the most legendary till this day

  55. Brandon Lester
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    I love this song I was 5 when it came out now im 18

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    Dj khaled...😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    2021 because good music never dies

  58. Slayer
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    3:43 damn who dat

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      mia? idk

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    The last great collab like this was...Drake-Forever ft. kanye West, lil wayne, and Eminem

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    If you want to, we can supply you Got enough work, to feed the whole town They won't shoot you, unless you try to Come around and try to stomp on our ground 'Cause we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Said we takin' over, one city at a time Tell me this doesn’t sound like the great cabal/illuminati/united nations movement agenda Basically saying we can be your friend or your enemy. We can supply you as long as you don’t step on our toes and get in our way. If so we will administer capital punishment one day at a time just try us.

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    2021 whos here 😅

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    Ya just wrap a sheet around me when it's over . .

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    Ya just wrap a sheet around me when it's over

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    nostalgia boa

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    2021...needed that old school heat 🔥🔥🔥 fuck the new wave

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    Único BR aqui será?

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    the prime. 🐐

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    3:48 3:52 if he would’ve had a verse he would’ve bodied it. Greatest to ever hold a mic #LongLiveDolla

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    2008 vibes

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    2021 ❤️

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    2021 ?

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    this shit said good bye to 50cent everyone was against him

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    2021 who’s here ?

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    us for a few minutes to chat and see you soon thank God for sale by mail and I have to go to a meeting with you to discuss my options open to a different day or two and will be in touch when I get my account back in touch when

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    K ha lead to bomb is what it means

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    The way T.I. delivered his verse is on another level

    1. Natalia 98
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      Damn true.. flow so sickkkkk

    2. Jordan Sharpe
      Jordan Sharpe
      3 gün əvvəl

      @Gutta The Great most underrated rapper all tiime ti been in my top 6 man alaways made good songs not only tht always had good lyrics not super witty like wayne but very good bars

    3. Gutta The Great
      Gutta The Great
      8 gün əvvəl

      T.i and wayne delivery was 🔥

  84. I Took Yo girl
    I Took Yo girl
    Ay əvvəl

    This my child hood song when I play left 4 dead all day bumping old bangers back then fuck the new era

  85. נתי ג׳ו
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  86. C J
    C J
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    Wayne changed to a British accent for some of his bars. I see where Nicki got it from. 🤔

  87. Abdi Samy
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    that was the shit back then in 2006

  88. Adrian Oanea
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    Suffering from success

  89. David Wayne
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    Them inmates Kno that

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      Pay up before I do

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    I love this song so much

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    Black hack down from somalia ( africa) be proud africanism

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    Wait.. why did T.I kidnap Dj Khaled in a milk truck when he and Akon was standing next to a lambo? Also.. what happened to Akon? Did the get kidnapped by the "evil asylum group"

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    Akon is a legend... 2021

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    Love this tune banging tune

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    free online I can see the resemblance to you and your Lifestyle I am not going well for me to come by mail to you for a while and then we can get a check to have a meeting at school tomorrow and I can get you a copy of your earliest convenience to see if we could get it done before the weekend of my birthday and will be there tomorrow at school today

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    13 years and Khaled hasn't lost or gained weight

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    Fat Joe is Fire as Fuck..

  99. Moldygreenbean
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    This was my hype music before going out for the night. Monday through Sunday, gave no fks. Little responsibility. Life was the best. What the hell happened!? Lol

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    GTA 5 scene