Welcome To My Hood (Remix - Edited)

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Music video by DJ Khaled, Mavado, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, Waka Flocka Flame performing Welcome To My Hood. (C) 2011 Cash Money Records Inc.


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    who in 2021?

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    Why did khaled and bird man feel they needed to rap on this smh

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    Why would you uploaded censored shit?

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    Ey ey luda!!!!!!!.... 2021 stiill rep

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    Well done my cousin, Khaled.

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    great muce by dj khaled

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    Who else DIDN'T hear the Game's verse

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    I am crazy about this one

  12. Adriano Del Na
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    Bun B's voice is always very strong! I like it

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    7 years after and still here listening 🎧🔥🔥🔥

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    I am Imran family

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    I am Not Dre Nhe😊 But Still And Still Even In 2021 .....Welcome To Hood

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    Mon facebook est yesuh laulau je présente des origine Fille avec plusieurs photos - My facebook is yesuh laulau I present origin Girl With a lot picture

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    DJ Khaled killed birdman

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    Flocka 🔥🔥

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    2021 anyone

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    Still don't come close to I'm so Hood remix or Make it Rain remix

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    2021 Mavado still 🔥

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    everybody blazed this joint except birdman 😂😂😂

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    t pain killed it

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    dj khaled : Here the orignal version youtube & vevo : no edit is cool

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    I like that they added Ace Hood's Hustle Hard beat in his verse

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    Birdman- "Swagged out, let's gittit.....#literally every word blurted#....Birdman, YMCMB, we good niqqa" Uhhh....okay, Birdman😒

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    Hurry up and buy. Luda always went hard.

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    Why do all Dancehall productions after the 90s sound like trash? Idk but I produced some wicked golden era Dancehall riddims lately. Come listen dem in my chan.

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    Still on hit!

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    My nigga ace hood going hard🔥🔥🔥

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    Welcome To My Hood (Remix) (feat. Ludacris, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes, Mavado, Twista, Birdman, Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Bun B, Game, Waka Flocka Flame) [DJ Khaled & T-Pain talking:] I'm foreal about this shit, this the remix (welcome to my hood), let's go, remix, remix, remix (Where ya hood at, where ya hood at, where ya hood at) [Chorus:] Welcome to my hood, everybody know everybody and if I got it everybody got it Welcome to my hood, look at all these old school chevys, 24's so you know we roll heavy (YMCMB) Welcome to my hood, where they gettin fly like a G6, and everybody know this is the remix Welcome to my hood, them boys will put you down on yo knees (woop, woop) that's the sound of the police in my hood [Ludacris:] Everybody on the corner with the work slangin & bangin in front of that liquor store Blowin money cause I live life fast with this bottle full of yak I'm a sip it slow Singles double when triple beams takeover Now holla cause they impalas got extreme makeovers Couches covered in plastic, babies all in the street Now wear the wrong color and catch a Rodney King beatdown Kids hit with switches, mamas is qoutin scriptures While Ludas gettin head, more gums than baby pictures Cock my 40 glock and my partna just bought a replica Now Asains sayin they don't keep no cash in they register (hurry up and buy) We run from red & blue lights to get that green But whoever got that white is winnin like Charlie Sheen [T-Pain:] Teddy pain, teddy pain, bad man, bad man Mixed shots, boom boom boom boom boom bang Man we the best never the less, you know we get it hot Fire flame flame, fire fire flame Put me on the track and I'm a really let a muthafucka feel it, when I do it, how I do it, what I do If a nigga really wanna test (come and test), you can bet that I'm a eat em all day (fuck food) 850 what I represent, Tallahome Florida president Me & DJ Khaled got these haters lookin hesitant So keep all that wackness out my ear, (phew phew) that's the sound of your career in my hood [Busta:] I hope you niggas got your ringside seats, cause it's whoopass season Comin to a hood near you, everybody know what happen when you see me comin (Back-Up!) I be hurdlin & gotcha reguritatin & murderin everything gun shots bah bah bah bah bah bah bah Ya'll know what it is, I'm comin to get it & others are blockin I'm runnin the hood and nothin can top it You can google it and you can search it On how a nigga come and unlock it, impossible for you to stop it More fire, thunder, pain, I go and heed the villain, he's adrenaline poppin Need a medical situation because the way I'm fuckin everything until I'm peepin it Why you tryna do what you already know that I'm the king with it And, you don't wanna come behind me with it bro Uggh, I killed this shit I ain't gotta rhyme no more [Twista:] Welcome to my hood where poor members of faculty backin me If you wanna try attackin me, that could be when I eat em Especially when I beat em, when they see a bunch of killas and hustlas on the side of me I'm an anemole to em, put em on crutches We'll sock ya lip first for you touch us, he one that's kickin our brothas Much as I smoke the duchess and model bitches that cut us And muthafuckas that love us, their enemies wanna touch us I'm a spit a flow as if it was a sin, then the gangstas are restin forever See a solid 4, then I'm a put it on the fin Then you know to never test, it'll be a category F5 Handle military with automatic weapon so let's ride Love to the hundreds, and everybody that runnin the north And my whole city and my niggas from the westside [Mavado:] (Wah Happen to dem!) Welcome to di Gully weh we no tek Bad-up, Big spliff ina mi hand di hennessy ina mi cup. You see di girls dem we have up, it's like some angels had up Dem phat and grab up... you ah 'ear me? When you pass di gate written at the entrance If yo violate, straight death sentence If you live you must be great to be a snake; no repentance. We comin at you with Vengance! [DJ Khaled:] Never slippin, I'm ballin, Puff keep on callin I don't see none of you pussies, fuck that shit you be taklin Rep Miami the ghettos (Dade County), every hood and the projects And when I drop off my singles, I'm droppin one of my targets Lord forgive me for my sins, I gave you hits I gave you "All I Do Is Win", I live this shit And, we the best, it's no pretend I touch a millions, throwin hundreds in this bitch [Birdman:] Real real nigga numba 1, hustle fly with my son I come from uptown, G5 tommy gun Red flag everyday, hundred mil ready to spray Swagged out nigga, Bugatti with the paper plate Blowin on some good nigga, feelin good nigga Stunna island, Me & Khaled on the wood nigga You understand, shinin like I know we should Birdman YMCMB we good nigga [Ace Hood:] Ace Hood in this bitch hoe, kickin down in yo front door Knock knock, you hear the glock cock and that thing pop on the 4 4 Posted up on that same block, I'm in the drop top holdin with that bank roll Young nigga, I'm out chere Can't name a place I can't go Ridin round with my 50 grand And they wonder what do that safe hold Middle finga them feds and that's why I pledge a part of my g code And fuck them prosecutors, hustla count a sewer It's we the best forever, make sure you spread the rumor bitch [Fat Joe:] Good coke, hard ride stashes in the bodyshop Only way to break them bricks down is karate chops Niggas gettin left right in front of the mobile precinct Leave em like them Jordans, red dot leakin I'm 15 when I first startin coppin pies You 46 just turnin blood, stop it 5 It's like the only way to make it is supplyin things Who dreams dunkin over cars, let the choir sing [Game:] It's that black raw, black dawg pullin up on that black home Compton that's my backyard, that's where I used to get them sacks off But, now I got platinum plaques sittin in the back of the back And I'm back with Dre again, Aftermath We the best, Me & Khaled, Dre & Em Detox red, that's back to the back Step in the club with my hat to the back Nigga I'm so hood even tho I'm livin good Niggas still in VIP strapped with a gat Drop a couple stacks then it back to the trap Couple hoes in the back, red wheels on the lac Red rum, if you try it niggas (westside) throw it up now [Jadakiss:] They knockin packs off, they lettin gats off Medicate, benefit cards scratch offs Savin every dime, tryna choke a quarter And they ain't sellin crack, they sellin coke & water Smokin or ya snortin, they coppin all the Jordans Nothins more important, steal em if you can't afford em I'm gettin to the money, I need another comma Some of em love the drama, more than they love they mama [Bun B:] Welcome to the land of the trill, where everybody walkin with they hand on they steel And, a model is a supply & demand any will You went outta line with the wrong man then get killed When ya damned if you will & damned if you don't Lotta dudes sayin that they can but they won't Lotta boys sayin that they g's and they ain't Mess around, get laid down in the paint Better do what you say, and say what you do For I come around ya hood, broad day with the crew They got them fists, AR's, AK's and them twos And they will gladiate all day, what it do R.I.P. to the trillest that did it, to my g's on lockdown Stick with it, think I'm a stop reppin PAT, forget it [Flocka:] Welcome to Fulton county, my house got surrounded The industry tryna drown me, but my hood still around me Rookie of the year, no freshman cover Shawty 16 years old, with 4 baby mothas First rapper ever to jump off the stage on BET And, since Pac go to Hollywood to keep it street First Woo to put T. Rodgers on TV Everyday it's a party on Grove street [DJ Khaled outro talking:] We the best forever, June 28th, it's gon be a hot summa

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    You know you're a beast when the beat changes!! 🔥🔥🔥Busta, twista, Mavado and Acehood! 😂 🖤🌋

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    Mavado 🇯🇲🔥

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    Bun b you can say that I am not a g but on a daily basis I am in the streets ducking the penitentiary but my products and services in business are the best of this century

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    hi my name is Nicole Bligen-Berrian and i 💘 this video and one day i want to meet everyone even Busta Rhymes and ya like family too.

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    Todos me criticaban nunca entendieron la emoción de este tipo de música cubrió parte de mi infancia

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    Twista killed it and Busta set it on fire

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    The best are Luda and Bustha!!!! The Greatest 🤛💪❤️🇵🇱

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    Damn y’all gotta give bun b his props he did that shit

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    Welcome to my hood cypher

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    Everyone slayed this even Khaled and Birdman Such a shame Game wasn't there 🤷

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    Stereo system time sorry neighbors won't mine my building Poppin the the boys working for the check I just won't answer the door 😅 music 🎶 can go louder than that knock 😜💪❤️💯

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    The king 👑 puts all the kings in one video let me watch for the ones who missing I know of one king 👑 he's the man 😅😜 but work has him straight bouncing off the walls 😂😂

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    Lmfao they used to censor so much shit back then

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    Who still watching in 2030?

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    What the fuck happened to this song

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    I'm about to start a New channel for real social media twitter and blast

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    For real

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    As I awaken

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    Wawwww 💖💖💖💘💘💘💘👌👍💘💖🙄

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    T-Pain , Busta and Twista 💯💯💯💯

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    Movado killed his verse.

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    Two and in a half men putting this girl back in the street to meet her face and body it's love it's love it's love? Latriece it's hate what love ? Felt it?

  68. Latruece Williams
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    This floor already hot latriece found her stuck down so what sup you done with the murder ?

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    funny that the game was cut out from the video his whole verse was cut out

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    I saw a G. Dope describes my rhymes, making all you MCS cold drop like dimes. You know MCSC is back again, and battling me on the microphone is like committing a sin. I've seen it all. Scott/MCSC

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    To all my lengends who's watchin this in 16/10/2020. You have a bless day

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    Twista buried Busta in this one Who’s here October 2020

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    I feel like ludacris killed It! He didn't have to rap fast to hype me up!

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    bust just killed the beat. Damn!! haha

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    زها زمتنني 1

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    They are killed that music all of them even t pain

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    who is here in 2020?

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    Love your enemies. Kiss this earth, and pray in the morning's. This is know place for a gentlemans lay. Giving you long life, a lift from bargains into the twilight zone. Krsna has many names, becareful what you wish for. Amalynn

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    liza koshy

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    I always wonder why The Game wasn’t on the music video

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    This was the infinity war of hip-hop

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    9 years 🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐

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    9 years 🔥🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐

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    @djkhaled 🔥🔥🔥🐐

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    Girls Generation - Run Devil Run MV BTS - We Are Bulletproof Pt 2 MV

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    its most def whip ass season

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    Mavado the god of dancehall

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    twista & Ace Hood

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    This is just another I'm so hood.. I know I can hear it

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    Really guy

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    Dopest track